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  • 50 States - Detailed information about the 50 states and their capitals
  • A Journey to a New Land - A site exploring the first peopling of the New World funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada
  • American Memory - Free and open access to a wide variety of digital records about American history from The Library of Congress
  • Atlapedia Online - Full color physical maps, political maps, key facts and statistics on countries of the world
  • Capitals of the 50 States - Using Google Maps API, this map shows the location for each state capital
  • CountryReports - Cultural, historical, and statistical country information
  • Digital History - An online history textbook
  • Footnote - Discover, interact and share millions sources from a repository of the world's greatest archives of historical documents
  • Geography4Kids - Basic physical geography or earth science for all ages
  • Geosense - Test your knowledge of world geography alone or against another online player
  • History and Politics Out Loud - A database of multimedia documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics
  • HyperHistory - A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented for educational use
  • JetPunk - Fun and interactive geography quizzes
  • Journey of Mankind - A virtual global journey of modern man over the last 160,000 years
  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project - A collection of online resources that are organized by subject, everything from accounting to social sciences
  • MacroHistory - Prehistory to the 21st century with timelines, maps, book summaries etc
  • Maps of War - Maps and animations of timelines pertaining to war
  • NBL Map Center - 200,000 historic maps and 5,000 atlases documenting the evolution of the printed map
  • Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection - A large collection of world maps and links to historical archives
  • Perseus Digital Library - An evolving library documenting the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world
  • PolicyMap - An online Geographic Information System that enables users to create custom tables, charts and maps
  • Seterra - A challenging geography program with 70 different exercises
  • TerraClues - An online game using Google technology in which you must find hidden markers placed on the world map by solving a series of clues
  • UNEP/GRID-Adrenal Maps and Graphics Library - Search and explore vast amounts of global and regional data through an interactive interface
  • World Atlas - Maps, flags, geography facts, currency conversion, world clocks and more
  • World Freedom Atlas - A visualization showing the level or human rights, democracy and good governance within countries
  • World History Sources - Reviews describe online primary source archives, evaluate resources, and provide classroom suggestions

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